Sports Nutrition

Part 1

What sports nutrition is

Keeping your body hydrated is a very essential part of the process of sports nutrition.  Your body needs fuel in the form of fluids.  It is a very essential part of your well being and life in general.

If you do not have enough water in your body at any given time, your body will ultimately suffer.  It is a fact of life that can not be denied.

As an athlete, not providing yourself with the necessary amount of water, or limiting it, can cause you to have numerous problems including the risk of serious health complications.

On top of that, your game will suffer without the right amount of water.

Why Water Matters

Without taking you too far back to science class, think about the serious job that water has in your life and in your body.

It has to be there to move the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients through your body.  It keeps blood moving which carries the fuel that your cells need for energy.

Additionally, water helps to move out the waste products from your cells.  This allows them to keep your cells at an optimal level.

Finally, your body uses fluids to keep the body at the right temperature, there by protecting your health overall.

Can you live without water?  No.  When it comes to sports nutrition, it is nothing short of essential.  How water helps in sports nutrition is important for you to know and to practice.

When your body burns energy, it produces heat.  That heat races through your body.

If you think of your body as a car, if the engine gets too hot, it can not perform as it should.  Therefore, you will find a way to keep your engine cool, water is a necessity.

Additionally, your body needs to have these fluids to allow you to carry all the nutrients throughout your body.  Since you are working on developing muscles, enhancing your physical characteristics, you realize that your body needs those nutrients to get where they need to go.

For that, they need water to push them through.

Water helps your body to grow, but also helps you to repair cells as you work hard at achieving your goals.

The Importance:
  • If you lose 2% of your body’s fluid, your overall performance will considerably drop.
  • If you lose 5% of your body’s fluid, you can find yourself facing heat exhaustion, which is not good.  Now, you are barely moving.
  • If you lose 10% of your body’s fluid, you are at risk for heat stroke and even death through dehydration.  In other words, game over.

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